8 Days....I'm Being Tested

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh boy.....

There is only one word to describe me today, and that is BITCH. Ask my husband. He'll tell ya. Ask my kids. They will agree and probably add a few choice words of their own.

It is terrible. I hate everyone and everything. I even took a nap this afternoon because I couldn't even stand myself.

Maybe it's the not smoking. Maybe it's the PMS. It's probably a combination of both, and it's not good. Or, maybe it's the fact that I didn't put a patch on today. Thought I'd try to go without it. Obviously, it was not a good idea.

Whatever it is, I sure hope it's better tomorrow, because if it's not, someone may end up getting hurt. You know, if they'd just leave me alone if they can't be supportive, things would be so much easier.

What is wrong with them? Don't they know that?


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