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Friday, January 15, 2010

I posted previously about how I bought the patch to help me along in my quit. I said I didn't know why I bought it, but have since discovered, without a doubt, why I bought it.

Because it freakin' works!

I've had it (step 1) on since 6:30am this morning, and have only had two notable instances where a piece of nicotine gum was required. That was after I had lunch and after supper. Otherwise, I have barely thought about cigarettes at all! It's amazing.

Now, for the funny part. This should be a lesson in following directions for all you other quitters out there thinking about using the patch.

I read the directions before applying the first one this morning, I swear. But, reading and following are two different things, and following, I did not do. It said to clean the area before applying the patch. I thought, "I showered last night before bed. Clean enough!", and applied the patch on the upper part of my arm.

It stuck pretty good......for a while.

At about noon, the edges started to peel slightly. I thought, "That's OK. It'll be fine."

By 3:30pm it had peeled all the way around. The middle was still stuck really well. I began to think, "I wonder if this thing is going to make it till 6:30am tomorrow?"

At this point, it was time to take a shower. We have plans to go out this evening. I had read in the directions (again, I DID read the directions) that you can take a shower with it on. So, up to the shower I went. About halfway through the shower, it started to peel more, and faster. I even took great pains to make sure I wasn't putting my arm directly in the spray, but it wasn't good enough. By the time I was done, it had peeled to the point that just the center was stuck.

I yelled downstairs to my daughter, "Is there any band-aids in the other bathroom?"

She checks. "No!"

"What about medical tape?"

She sighs and looks again. "No!"

"Are you sure?"

"Mom, there's no band-aids and no medical tape. Why? What do you need it for?"

"I just need to stick something back on. Bring me the duct tape!"

"Duct tape?"

"Don't ask questions! Just bring me the duct tape!"

She brings me the duct tape, and I tape the patch in place. I don't know how effective it is anymore, but it's on. Even if not effective anymore, just having it on makes me happy. They are too expensive to just throw the thing away when I've got another 12 hours to go until I can put the new one on.

I suppose if someone turns up injured in the next 12 hours, we'll know that it became ineffective after a trip through the shower........


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