Others Are Quitting, Too!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Although not inspired by my awesome quit, my sister-in-law and her husband are giving it a shot. Their decision to quit is based on a society that frowns on smokers and feels the need to charge outrageous prices for cigarettes. Their lack of funds will eventually save their lives, that is for sure!

She just told me today, and to my surprise neither one has smoked since Sunday. She didn't sound too happy about that fact, but I did my best to lift her spirits and give her a little pep talk. I think she thought I was full of shit, but I tried all the same.

As for me, today was even better than yesterday. There were two instances exactly, where I felt a small twinge of panic at not having a cigarette, but they were gone just as soon as they came. Once after eating lunch, and then once after I got supper all ready and was waiting the ten minutes or so until hubby got home from work. I used to go out in the garage during that time and smoke a cigarette or two while I waited for him to get home.

So, after 11 days, I am really starting to see life as a non-smoker. I hardly ever think about smoking, and feel the need to wash everything that has ever been touched by cigarette smoke; my coats especially. They still reek, but won't after this weekend. I'm washing them all!


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